You Need to Follow These Steps After Rear-Ending Another Vehicle

When you rear-end another vehicle, you know that it’s your fault. The only reason for it not to be your fault is when the car in front suddenly halts without giving a warning sign. Follow these steps to ensure safety and avoid further problems.

Relax and check everyone in the car

Make sure everyone is safe. If you and the passengers are wearing seatbelts, you will most likely survive the accident. The impact might throw you off your seat without a seatbelt. Take a deep breath and step out of the car.

Be humble and acknowledge your mistake

Go to the other car and check if the passengers are okay. If you’re sure that it’s your fault, you have to acknowledge it. Tell the other party that you have car insurance, and it will cover the cost of both vehicles.

You don’t need to argue or get involved in a fight. Since it’s your fault, you won’t win the argument. If the other driver starts to argue with you, stay calm, and don’t engage. Even if you start punching each other, it won’t solve anything.

Call the authorities

You have to call the police to come to the site and deal with the situation. You know it’s your fault, so you have to face the authorities. You might get penalized after what happened, and it takes courage to ask the police to be there.

If you got hurt or someone else has medical issues, you can call for an ambulance. Everyone’s safety should be a priority. There’s no need to resolve the other problems right away.

Take photos

You need to take images since it’s necessary to file an insurance claim. If more people arrive on the scene, the evidence might get tampered with. You should take photos while everything is intact. Send the details to your insurance provider as soon as possible.

Get a copy of the accident report

The police will write an accident report. It includes the possible reason for the crash. The observations on the site will also be part of the report. The interview responses of both parties also play a crucial role in the report. Sign a copy of the police report to acknowledge that you got it. You don’t necessarily have to agree with what the police wrote, but it’s important to keep a copy. It also shows that you called the authorities instead of evading your responsibilities.

Call a towing company

If you severely damaged the car, you can no longer use it going home. You need the assistance of a towing Boynton Beach service company. You can’t pull the car to safety, and the towing company will do the job for you. Once the scene is cleared, you should head home and rest. Cancel your plans for the entire day. If you start feeling symptoms as a result of the crash, you should go to the doctor. Don’t wait until the symptoms worsen before asking for medical help.

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