RV Accessories That Can Truly Improve the Camping Experience

Buying that first RV is all about getting a motorhome or trailer that you will enjoy using. It is a safe bet that the dealership sales representative will try to sell you on some accessories. If you buy directly from a current owner rather than a dealer, you might get some of your favorite accessories with the RV. Either way, accessories are part of the gig.

So, what accessories do you need? Technically, none of them. But there sure are some that make the camping experience better. Below is just a small sampling of them. There really is no end to the number of accessories you can buy. It is really a matter of what your budget allows.

1. RV Skirting

RV skirting is a product that protects the underside of a motorhome or trailer from cold air passing underneath. The point of RV skirting is to reduce the chances of frozen plumbing when temperatures drop low enough. It’s an extra accessory for seasonal RV users. For full timers, it is a necessity.

RV skirting comes in different styles. For example, Connecticut-based AirSkirts makes an inflatable skirting product that is easy to use and installs very quickly. Their competitors make fabric and foam products that attach with snaps, screws, or other types of fasteners.

2. Exterior LED Lighting

A big thing among RV owners is exterior lighting. More often than not, exterior lighting serves an aesthetic purpose. One RV owner might hang a string of lights from the awning while another sets up a variety of lights around the entire campsite. But sometimes, exterior lighting is utilized for safety purposes.

Installing a rope light underneath each step makes it easier to get into a motorhome or trailer without tripping. LED lights underneath an awning can make it easier to unlock an RV door. Even LED lights installed on an RV frame can illuminate the underside, making it easier to see animals lurking underneath.

3. Permanent Sewer Connection

For those RV owners who are not too fond of connecting and disconnecting the sewer hose at every campground, a permanent hose connection can be installed. The device is an efficient and inexpensive way to eliminate one of the little tasks that so many RV years find discomforting. However, installing it doesn’t mitigate the need to handle the sewer hose.


One of the hottest RVing gadgets right now is the RV GPS. This is a specialized GPS that plans routes based on factors that would only concern RV owners. It can be programmed to accommodate your RV’s weight and height, guaranteeing that you don’t drive down roads that could prove hazardous.

If you have ever seen a truck or fifth wheel stuck under a low bridge, you know exactly why an RV GPS is so valuable. But keeping you away from narrow roads and low bridges isn’t all such a device can do. It can also help plan your travel to keep you out of traffic, help you find nearby campgrounds, and more.

5. External Luggage Mounts

Last but not least, a few external luggage mounts make it possible to carry things you cannot otherwise fit in your rig. Can you say bikes, kayaks, etc.? External mounts can be installed on the rear or top of your RV. Installing them on the side isn’t wise for obvious reasons.

The number of RV accessories now on the market is almost staggering. If you can think of it, chances are someone has already mass-produced it. That is the beauty of the modern RV lifestyle. There is something for just about everyone.

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