Fundamentals of Purchasing New Tires

Buying a new set of wheel is a necessary part of vehicle ownership. It is also the part most people do not want to do. Tire replacement takes time but more importantly it takes money. New tires can be quite expensive. Many attempt to circumnavigate the cost of new tires, but pay for it dearly when they purchase a rubber replacement that lacks quality. Buying new tires needs to be taken serious for the sole purpose of avoided large costs. A new set of tires may set you back, but they will service you for years to come. Most tire companies that sell them also accompany those tires with warranties that provide free replacements. So a one time purchase of new tires will pay for itself rather than cost more. Tires also influence the way your automobile handles. Although professionals are on hand to assist in providing the best selection, it is always important to know a little about tire basics yourself. Here is a crash course.

Tire Basics

Tires are a lot more complex than they are given credit. Yes they are made of wood, but they also contain steel. Their are different sizes and thickness that are used. The type of car you drive influences the type of tire you buy. A big mistake is getting tires that are the wrong side. To avoid this simply look at the side of the whitewall. There is a tire-size code planted there. If it starts with the letters LT it means its a light truck tire. These tires are designed to carry higher-loads and are usually found on pickups and SUVs. Tires also have different widths, speed ratings, diameter, load rating, and other aspects. Simply refer to the driver’s manual or an internet search to find what brand suits you model of vehicle. Do not rely on the dealerships tires, because depending on that dealer they may not have the right size. All the car has to do is sit there on the lot. Tire companies are adept at knowing the right size as well. A company like tire shop Chula Vista CA, is uniquely focused on auto tire knowledge.

Tire Shops

Tire shops are also varied. You can get tires from a dealer, a mainstream shop, or an independent seller. Prices vary depending on the type of business you use. Dealers are usually the most expensive, with mainstream and independent sellers falling somewhere in the middle. Tires can also be bought at retail stores but no attached. Most tire shops sell and install the tires for you. So if you do not want to do it yourself you want to use one of those. Also, ensure that the shop you are using has warranties. Tires are only good for a certain amount of mileage. Warranties pay for the replacement.

Do not be Afraid of New

If you want to try a new brand go ahead but do your research. Consumers often go with the same brand as it works for them. If your brand is not handling your car right a new brand could fix it. Just check with the professionals first.