What to Understand when It Comes to Car Shipping


Not all of us totally grasp the service of auto transport. We assume we have the general idea of the overall service, but there can be much more to it than we realize. Here are some general things to consider when acquiring knowledge about an auto transport business also known as car shipping.

What Is It?

For one, auto transport is simply a business that can move a car you own or will receive from one location to another. They do this mostly by using a large truck designed to car about 5 or 10 cars. Millions of cars are shipped all around the world every year no matter what state they are in. For some people, this simply is just easier than driving it to the intended location themselves. You don’t have to worry about the plane ticket back or filling up at several gas stations on the way. Auto transport is a smart solution to an often-difficult decision when deciding on bringing that car to grandma. You can find a car shipping to California.

What’s the Difference Between Carrier and Brokers?

The carrier is the business that is totally responsible in delivering your car to its final location. They are the ones who will arrive and strap your car on the truck while you watch it go away. As for auto brokers, they are like the middle men that try to get you the best deal and save you some money regarding your transport needs. Be careful as some may be a scam and not be forthcoming with all information. They can, however, be very helpful when helping you sort through all of the paperwork. Many can find you good quotes while others might not be giving the best quotes at all.

During Transport

For some reason, we all would like to think that when our car is loaded up and carried off to its location we don’t need to worry. Unfortunately, there are still some things you need to be concerned about as your car makes it journey. This is where you get the chance to ask how the weather conditions will be handled. Will they contact you if there is a delay or bad weather has the truck in a ditch? The journey is everything, so it’s best you find out what typically occurs and how you will be notified.

Pick Up

When it’s time to retrieve your car at the final destination, you should be informed where exactly to pick the car up. When you get there, make sure to give the car an overall inspection once they lower if off the truck. Don’t be so quick to sign off on any documents until you know everything looks good and is okay. If you do see some damage, then take it up with either the broker who got you the deal or the carrier directly. Further, you should start the car as well. No one wants to wave by to the carrier only to hop in the car and it doesn’t start.