What Are Traction Bars

If you’re looking for early performance improvements for your truck you’ve most likely heard of traction bars.

What Are Traction Bars?

Traction bars are a commonplace item on many lifted trucks and looks like a long driveshaft running underneath the vehicle. Many trucks have a bar that runs down each side of the driveshaft, towards the back of the truck, which are the traction bars. These bars are designed to mount on the rear axle and connect along the frame. They serve a functional purpose and work as a staple in off-road vehicles.

Traction Bars Purpose

A traction bar is designed to stop the rear end of a truck from flexing, especially throughout off-road use. Premature wear and damage can happen along the axle and driveshaft as you accelerate hard or as you regularly take your truck off-roading. Rather than causing excess strain on your leaf springs or along the frame of your truck, traction bars can eliminate some of this damage and make sure that you can enjoy off-roading without hassle.

The installation of traction bars is recommended as these make sure the rear differential doesn’t have a chance to rotate with the excess strain of off-roading and hard acceleration. When these items have a chance to rotate this can place extra strain on the driveshaft. The installation of traction bars will prevent the chance that wheel hop occurs and excessive movement of the axle. Your truck will stay planted on the ground and any excess damage is prevented throughout its operation off-road. Traction bars effectively improve traction and protect your truck through a wide range of performance conditions.

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