Post Winter Car Care Tips

Winter is a tricky period for car owners. Harsh winter weather can be rough for you and your automobile. What’s more? Cold temperatures can adversely affect your car engine, hence the need for regular maintenance and cleaning after winter. Besides, just like other household appliances, your car requires regular cleaning and servicing after winter.

What are the impacts of winter weather on cars?

With snowy roads, freezing temperatures, most drivers postpone car washing until the weather brightens up. This results in dirt and grime build-up, allowing the road salt and mud to sit on your car parts. Often, this corrodes and damages your car components, particularly on the underside.

Moreover, the wiper and wash systems work hard to clear snow and ice. And this results in wearing of the blades, frozen nozzles, or bent wiper arms. The cold temperature in winter is also harsh on rubber parts, including tires. The tires also suffer trauma from potholes on snowy roads, which causes dents on the wheels. For this reason, there’s a need for professional car cleaning post-winter.

Check out practical post-winter car care ideas:

  1. Thorough vehicle wash

Most devices postpone car cleaning during winter. Post winter cleaning should include thorough top-to-bottom cleaning. You should also pay attention to parts like the wheels, tires, door jambs, and undercarriage. Clean the underbody and spray the rear and front bumpers to eliminate any salt build-up.

Proper cleaning alleviates dirt, grime, and salt build-up that accumulate during the cold weather. The importance of car detailing is also worth mentioning. Clean your car regularly, and seek professional car detailing services twice annually.

  1. 2. Apply a coating spray

Apply the Nexgen Ceramic Spray to protect the vinyl surfaces of your vehicle. This includes the dashboard, seats as well as steering wheel. These parts are prone to cracking, fading, and sun damage and regular spraying will offer excellent protection.

  1. Replace the tires

Replace the winter tires with spring ones. The harsh winter climate and snow can significantly affect your tires and wheels. Rotating the tires will extend their life and ensure better braking. Besides, driving on wet roads requires better braking and handling, which helps avoid accidents.

  1. Thorough vacuuming

Vacuums are handy for any car cleaning procedure. They are useful for cleaning the car interiors and will provide deep cleaning for the mats and carpeting. These are likely to harbor mud, sand, and salt tacked in your boots throughout the cold season. Also, vacuum the trunk and cargo area and dispose of any garbage under the car seats.

  1. Change the wiper blades.

The wiper blades work extra hard in winter; they remove dirt particles and debris on your windshield. To have them functioning optimally, acquire a new pair in preparation for the rain showers. Moreover, search for car care reviews for information on the best products for your car.

Final thoughts

Taking good care of your car ensures optimal functioning of all the components. Have the vehicle washed regularly, and be on the lookout for warning signs of a damaged braking system. Also, use a high-quality ceramic spray to preserve shine and protect your car surface.

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