How to Find an EVSE Charger that Suits your Life


The decision to buy an EVSE charger is the eventual aftermath of the purchase of an electric car. A home charger is a requirement for owning an electric car, but the decision a consumer has to make is what type of charger they will buy. What many people do not know is that EVSE chargers come in different levels, primarily one through three. When you choose a charger you actually have to pay attention to your specific situation. Although a charger will always fit a car, they do not necessarily fit your living conditions. Here are some key things to consider when choosing an EVSE charger.

Where You Live?

If you live in an urban area a level 1 charger may be more your speed. Level 1 chargers are the smallest of the bunch and require the longest charge time. They are great for overnight charging but lousy for long distances. This is not a problem for urban areas as commuters usually drive shorter distances. Cities also have public chargers available. True, they are scattered and in minute supply but a quick pit stop can add significant miles to your battery.

If you live in a rural area you probably have little access to public chargers and take long trips with more frequency. For this purpose, the heft of a level 2 charger is probably better. They take significantly less time to charge a battery and also provide more power. They are ample if you live in a small town and have to commute longer than thirty minutes to anywhere significant.

House or Apartment?

Houses come with garages. This is significant for level 2 chargers because they are mounted in place. If you have seen a public charger a level 2 is similar but slightly smaller. They do not plug into a traditional socket and require a booth to funnel power. Such an installation is a much better fit for an independent home. If you live in an apartment a level 2 is probably not the charger for you. As a level 1 is completely portable and able to plug into a traditional socket you can drag it out to your spot, or wherever a local socket is available near your home.

Level 2 installation also depends on how your home is built. Depending on the way electricity is run through your house a level 2 charger may be impossible to use. So, when it comes to charging electric car at home, first check to see what your home is eligible for. This may ultimately decide for you.


The distance you travel also factors into the type of charger you buy. As level 1 carries the smallest charge it is perfect for smaller distances. A larger commute requires the use of a level 2 or a public charger. A level 1 can only get you one way on longer distance and will usually leave the car needing a charge for the way back. If you drive a lot you will want a level 2.